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About Us
Foshan Gaoming Xiehe Steel Iron Structure Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993, which was a fill vigor synthesis enterprise. It is located in the beautiful and rich Zhujiang Delta—Yanghe Town, Industrial Park, Gaoming Dist, Foshan, Guangdong. She in keen competition blooming, establishes a new school, the command travels together recognizes, the customer expresses admiration.   Constructing the first-class enterprise is company's goal, by the fine quality, the good prestige, the perfect service wins others' trust in the customer is company's consistent objective.The company has the abundant technical force, perfect examination method, advanced production equipment and strict system. We are specialized in producing high-pole lamp,street lamp,courtyard lamp,lawn lamp and so on, which used at ourdoors. about ten thousand square meter production workshop and the location. In 2000 through the ISO9000 authentication, the strengthening quality control guaranteed the user the confidence.   Recent years, our company devoted to the metal surface anticorrosion technology research and the development. Its metal surface pot galvanizes level and the paint adhesion processing technology obtains the unprecedented development. In the JDL-001, JKL-002 bio-inorganic chemistry project in the metal surface treatment research and the application project, wins tech progressive second prize of Gaoming Dist .In 1998, the JDL metal surface treatment technology is evaluated the title: the Guangdong provincial level key new product by the Guangdong provincial science committee.. 。The substantial achievement has brought the continuously customer, succeeds one after another obtains the anticorrosion project of the Wuhan Zhongshan ship ,street light spray coating project of Guangzhou inner ring road, Guangyan east road and so on. After many years diligently, the customer has spread Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guizhou, as well as Guangdong Jiangmen, South China Sea, Foshan, Maoming, Shaoguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou etc. The product exports Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong.   Our success and your support molds an exquisite city space.Serves as contrast one classical and the modern age, technical and the wisdom perfect combination. The nighttime sky is not lonely, has my appearance to depend on, the harmony company will altogether create happy tomorrow with you.  Core Competencies.  To learn more knowledge about the latest products in the world and develop more competitive products in cooperation with many universities, research institutes are our superiority. And with lower labor costs, we can provide more products in lower price.  XieHe's mission is to provide quality products at competitive prices.  All products must undergo the most difficult test procedures under all real-world conditions of use, including the continuous stress test, salt spray test and vibration test. Only when all of the desired characteristics are present does the product go into production. Our employees, with their passion and spirit of research, inspire us to constantly reach new levels of achievement in developing new and innovative products. We can provide products with same or even better quality than world famous companies in lower price.   Effective administration, marketable products.  Our company introduces ISO management system and enriches the system with marketing prediction, individuation requirement, R&D, purchase, production, testing, logistic and service. Free consultation, customer file, periodic contact and quality guarantee help us satisfy customers.
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