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Name:Foshan Gaoming Xiehe Steel Iron Structure Co.,Ltd.
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Equipment: Static Conductive Hose
Equipment Type: Auxiliary Equipment -> Others
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2011-04-15
Main Features:
Description: For use with M-EXPVB explosion-proof ventilating blower. Suited for use where potential for static buildup in presence of explosive gases exists, EDW-SC PVC-coated, polyester duct has PVC wearstrip and enclosed wire helix with belted and cuffed ends. F Lexible hose, manufactured using thermal weldig ang without adhesives, is compressible to facilitate storage. Conductive throughout, product provides resistivity from 1*105 to 1*1012 ohm and is offered in 8,10, and 12 in Idsizes in varying lengths.
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